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Things are great

Take your self-deprecating messages to the next level with a fun iOS app that lets you customize twitchy, animated stickers with your own captions! Choose from over 30 ready-made stickers or create your own using more than 30 animated templates. And now you can add Neurotic Stix widgets to your home screen. The neurotic possibilities are endless! 😱🌪

App store

Available in the iOS App Store for iPhones & iPads running iOS 14.0 and later. Free to make a few custom creations; unlock all features for a whopping $4.99.

Neurotic Stix on iPad Pro

Share your stickers using the sticker pack in Messages, or use the standalone app to share a sticker as a PNG or GIF.

New Features

Stix with glasses
New shirt
New book
It's complicated


Check out our help and troubleshooting tips if you need some assistance.


This app is created by Neurotic Tornado, LLC. We don’t collect any data from you. We don’t want your data, we wouldn’t know what to do with your data, keep your data to yourself!

The only communication that can even occur from the app is (1) with Apple regarding the one optional in-app purchase and (2) when you explicitly share your stickers with someone else. Additionally, if you use the “Community Widget” on your home screen, it occasionally reads data from a repository in order to download community stix information.

If we ever change our privacy policy, we will post those changes here. But don’t expect many changes. The developer is pretty lazy…

  • Sept 14, 2019: First published.
  • Sept 14, 2020: Yep, still strongly believe in privacy.
  • Nov 1, 2020: Added info about the Community Widget.
  • Oct 9, 2021: Reiterating that your privacy is important.


If you actually want to contact the neurotic developer, use this half-baked form.

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