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Here is some questionably helpful information about using Neurotic Stix Pro.


How to Create Stix

You can either create your custom stix from the app, or from within Messages. Either method will add custom stix to your library.

Create Stix From the App

From the Neurotic Stix Pro app, select the “Custom Stix” tab and pick a custom stix template.

Create stix in app step one

You can now add your caption. Some stix also allow you to make a few customizations (like changing the frowny face to a smile or adding some hair).

Create stix in app step two

Tap “Done” when you’re done.

Create Stix From Messages

You can also create custom stix directly from the Messages app. Select the Neurotic Stix pro sticker pack, scroll to the bottom of your library, and tap “Create Your Own Stix”. (If you don’t know how to access the sticker pack, see How to Use Stix in Messages.)

Create stix in messages step one

Then you’ll see the same interface for creating custom stix as you would from within the app.

How to Add Ready-Made Stix

For lazy folks, I’ve created over 30 “ready-made” stix that you can use without requiring any creativity on your part whatsoever. Just tap on your favorite ready-made stix and they’ll get added to your library… Pretty cool, I guess…

From the app, tap the “Ready-Made Stix” tab and tap on the stix you want to add to your library.

Ready-made stix in app

You can also add ready-made stix directly from the Messages app. Select the Neurotic Stix pro sticker pack, scroll to the bottom of your library, and tap “Add Ready-Made Stix”. (If you don’t know how to access the sticker pack, see How to Use Stix in Messages.)

Ready-made stix in messages

Then you’ll see the same interface for adding ready-made stix as you would from within the app.

Hope you like my ready-made creations, which are filled with all of my low-self-esteem love.

How to Use Stix in Messages

It’s easy to create and share stix using the sticker pack from within the Messages app. First, launch Messages.

Launch messages

From within a conversation, select the plus button near the Messages text field.

Sticker page step 1

Select “Stickers”.

Sticker pack step 2

Tap the Neurotic Stix Pro icon, and then select the sticker from your library.

Sticker pack step 3

At the bottom of your library, you’ll see buttons that allow you to create or add stickers directly from within Messages.

Sticker pack step 4

NOTE: The stix you create with the app and the stix you create with the sticker pack are part of the same library and you can access them from either spot.

How to Share Stix

You can share the stix in many different ways (beyond just from within Messages). For instance, you can post your creations on Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, or in an email. Start by tapping the stix from the “My Stix” tab inside the Neurotic Stix Pro app:

Use stix in app

You have a few choices for how you can share the stix.

Share stix in app

You can share it from the Messages app or share it anywhere as a PNG or an animated GIF. (Keep in mind when sharing a GIF that some social media sites don’t animate GIFs when you upload them. They’ll still show the image—they just won’t animate.) You can even send it as a link to another Neurotic Stix user so they can add it to their Neurotic Stix library just by clicking a link.

If you share the sticker as a PNG or a GIF, the “share sheet” appears.

Share sheet

This screen looks different depending on what apps you have installed, but in general, the first section (1) is the “quick-share panel” and has some quick ways to share the sticker based on your recent activity.

The second section (2) contains other apps you can send this sticker to.

Share sheet section 2

This is where you’ll see your social media apps, email, and a bunch of other things. This is a great way to create a post on Facebook, Instagram, or to create a new email.

Paste stix

This row (2) is configurable so if you don’t see what you want, scroll all the way to the right and configure it manually.

NOTE: The stuff in the second row typically only allows you to create a new thing (like a new comment or post or email), and doesn’t let you reply to a thing. If you want to reply to an existing comment or email, continue reading (about “Copy” and “Save Image”)…

The bottom section (3) contains a bunch of other useful actions.

Share sheet section 3

For instance, you can select “Copy” to copy the stix to the clipboard or use “Save Image” to get the stix into your photo library.


Use “Copy” in order to “Paste” the sticker as a reply to an existing comment thread on Facebook or Instagram. Tap inside a text field (that accepts images) and a popup menu with “Paste” appears. (If the menu doesn’t appear, try tapping in the text field a second time.)

Paste stix

Save Image

Use “Save Image” to save the image to your photo library. Now you can get to the stix just like how you’d access any of your other photos.

Photo stix

How to Edit Stix

If you want to edit any of your existing stix, go to the “My Stix” tab and tap the “Edit” button at the top-right corner.

Edit stix step 1

From here you can edit your stix library.

Edit stix step 2

If you tap on a stix, the “Share & Edit” window appears. Scroll to the bottom and select an editing option.

Edit stix step 3
  • To change the stix contents (like the text), select “Edit Stix Contents”.
  • To change the stix template that you’ve chosen, select “Change Stix Type”.
  • To move the stix to a different location, select “Move to Top” or “Move to Bottom”.
  • To delete a stix, select “Remove from Library”.

NOTE: You can’t change the stix contents or the stix type for ready-made stix. These options are only available for custom stix.

How to Add Daily Stix from the Community

Every day, you can see three questionable daily stix from the community in the new “Daily Stix” tab.

Daily stix

One stix is for the “optimist”, one is for the “pessimist”, and one is just “weird”. (But don’t take these categories too seriously, they just roughly give you the gist of their tone.) Anyway, you can add any of them to your library by tapping on it.

How to Use the Widgets

To add a widget, tap and hold anywhere on your home screen for a few seconds. When the apps start jiggling, tap the plus icon at the top of the screen.

Jiggle mode

Select Neurotic Stix from the list of widgets.

Select widget

You can pick from various widget types:

  • 🎉 NEW! 🎉 Neurotic Weather: View the local weather in one of several different layouts. Tap the widget to open the Neurotic Weather page, which is where you can update the location. See Tips When Using Neurotic Weather.
  • Community Stix: Displays stix shared by the developer of this app. You can configure the mood of this widget: optimist, pessimist, weird, or random. Changes daily. Once placed on your home screen, tap the widget to have the option to add the stix-of-the-day to your library!
  • Library Stix: Display random or favorite stix from your library. Configure this widget to show specific stix and to adjust the refresh frequency. See Tips When Using the Library Widget.
  • Stix with Date: Shows the current date on a stix. You can configure which stix shows the date.
  • Big Dumb Clock: Shows the current time, date, or day of the week. Not that amazing, but could be useful with iOS’s new StandBy feature.

Place your preferred widget wherever you want on your home screen. Can’t decide which widget to use? Use more than one!

Place widget

You’ll see a refresh button at the bottom of any widget with a stix that can change from day to day. Just tap that button to refresh the stix. If you tap the widget anywhere else, it opens the Neurotic Stix app.

Configuring a Widget

If you want to configure a specific widget, tap and hold that widget, and then select “Edit Widget”.

Edit widget

From here, you can configure the widget. Each widget type has a slightly different configuration screen, but the settings should be pretty straightforward.

Configure widget

You can also configure some global widget settings from the Widgets tab within the Neurotic Stix Pro app. For instance, you can change the widget background color. This tab is also where you can view the Neurotic Weather page and update the weather location.

Widget settings

Tips When Using Neurotic Weather

Neurotic weather is one of the new features that subscribers can access from a widget and from the app. You can add the weather widget just like any other Neurotic Stix widget. There are many different widget layouts you can choose from when you configure the widget.

Neurotic weather

One unique quality of this widget is that when you tap on the widget, it opens the Neurotic Weather page from within the Neurotic Stix app. This page contains more weather info, lets you update the location, and also lets you share the current weather with another person or app.

Neurotic weather

The first time you add this widget, you’ll need to tap the widget to get location information.

No location 1

After tapping the widget, the app opens and asks to search for your current location. You must allow the app to search for your location at least one time.

No location 2

If you run into issues searching for your current location, make sure that the Location setting for the app (Settings > NeuroticStix > Location) is set to While Using the App. If it’s set correctly, you can try setting it to Never and then back to While Using the App.

Once you allow location information, the app won’t check the location again unless you explicitly ask it to update the location using the update location button. (This also means that the location won’t change just because you’re in a different location. You’ll need to explicitly select update location whenever you want the weather to reflect your new location.)

Update location

If you run into issues getting weather information, check that the device has a valid internet connection. Since the app uses Apple’s WeatherKit for weather information, you can also check Apple’s system status to ensure that the Weather service is online.

If you want to view the Neurotic Weather page while already within the app, go to the “Widgets” tab and then tap the weather icon.

Neurotic weather icon

Tips When Using the Library Widget

The library widget shows stix from your library. When configuring the widget, the “Display” field lets you decide whether to display any random stix from your library (“My Library”), any random stix that you favorited (“My Favorites”), or the first or last stix from your library (“First Stix”, “Last Stix”).

Neurotic weather

You can also use the “Frequency” field to decide how frequently the widget updates. (This value only applies to situations where there are multiple possible stix that can be displayed.)

If you’ve selected “My Library” or “My Favorites” for the “Display” field and you don’t want a random stix in that group to appear, you can display a specific stix using the “Specific Stix?” field. This field lets you choose from a list of the stix in your library (or a list of your favorites if you’ve set the widget to display your favorite stix).

Fav hint
Fav hint 2

Once you select a specific stix, that widget always shows that stix. Even if you unfavorite or delete the stix in your library, that widget continues to show the same stix until you re-edit the widget and change the “Specific Stix?” field. This lets you permanently configure a widget with a stix regardless of how your library changes. For instance, I have one home page dedicated just to creative apps, and I have a “Create!” stix widget displayed on that page. Once I configured this widget, I deleted the stix from my library. But the widget still happily shows this same stix.

Fav on home page

How to Mark a Favorite

Your favorite stix can display on your widget if you’ve added a Library Widget to your home screen and then configured that widget to show your favorites.

Favorite setting

To select a favorite, go to the Neurotic Stix Pro app and tap on any of the stix in your library. When the “Share & Edit” page appears, scroll to the bottom, and select “Favorite”.

Favorite stix

You’ll know which stix are your favorites because they’ll have a heart at the bottom right.

Favorite stix 2

To unfavorite a stix (not that you’d ever want to do that to your precious stix), tap the stix again and select “Unfavorite”.

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I’m having trouble using the Neurotic Weather widget.

Check out the tips above for using Neurotic Weather.

What happened to the Favorite Widget or the Random Widget?

The new “Library Widget” contains all the features of both the Favorite Widget and the Random Widget. You just may need to remove the old widget and add this new one. Sorry about the inconvenience. Check out the tips above for using the Library Widget.

My widget went blank!

Your widget may turn blank if there’s been a major app update that has affected the widget configuration.

Blank widget

Oftentimes, restarting your device fixes the problem.

If that doesn’t work, remove the widget and add it back to the home screen.

Widget fixed

Need help removing a widget? Check out these instructions from How-To Geek: How to Add and Remove Widgets from the Home Screen on iPhone.

Messages sticker pack shows a blank screen!

In some situations, just after you update the app from the App Store, the Neurotic Stix Pro sticker pack shows a blank screen in Messages.

Blank messages screen

Try to force close the Messages app.

Force close messages

When you relaunch Messages, the Neurotic Stix Pro sticker pack should be happy again and all your precious neurotic stickers are back.


If you actually want to contact the neurotic developer, use this half-baked form, or send him a message on Mastodon or Threads.

I blame myself

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